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        BM2008 sulfur element measuring apparatus

         BM2008 sulfur element measuring apparatus

        Abstract: BM2008 sulfur element measuring apparatus is the quantitative analysis apparatus mainly applicable to building material, coal, petroleum, metallurgy, mining and other industries. It is used to measure total sulfur (S) content in cement, coal, petroleum and related products, soot carbon and other materials.  

        Main feature: 

        (1) Free from radioactive source, it is within the management range exempted by environmental protection department; 

        (2) Large liquid crystal display and Chinese menu are convenient for operation; 

        (3) Automatic audio alarm, keyboard printer in panel and operation in man-machine interactive mode; 

        (4) Physical analysis method is adopted to avoid sample contact or damage during analysis process. It is unnecessary to adopt chemical agent; 

        (5) Highly integrated instrument to guarantee powerful adaptive capacity to environment and interference-free feature; 

        (6) Instrumental analysis system can be used independently or used together with microcomputer material proportioning system by connecting through RS232 or RS485 standard serial port; 

        (7) Two elements are analyzed at the same time quickly. We adopt "continuous measurement method of standard sample" so as to obtain the result with high precision in 30s; 

        (8) Strong software function and great data storage capability; Software function can be added as required by users to guarantee high cost performance; 

        (9) After measurement is completed, "pull-out measurement tray" warning function is prompted within 8s (new functions are unavailable from other manufacturers)

        Key technical indexes: 

        ?? Measurement range ??SO3 analysis range can be adjusted, selected by the calibration curve method

        Measurement range width??Typically width measurement range??SO3 % max—SO3 % min6%?? Such as cement??SO3??0.1~6%????

        ?? Measurement time ??30×n seconds (n is a natural number)??The recommended value is 120 seconds

        ?? Operating conditions ??Ambient temperature??5??40????Relative Humidity??≤85%(30??)??Power supply??220V±20V??50Hz??

        ?? Power consumption of complete machine ??60W??

        ?? Dimension and weight ??480mm×370mm×125mm??12kg??

        Address?? Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China     

        Zip Code??710043     Fax??029-83228283

        Tel??029-83228656  18700837038  Contact Person??Xi jing He   

        E-mail??347756220@qq.com     Website??www.www6060g.com

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